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For purposes of California's adoption of the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children, "educational records" means: those official records, files, and data directly related to a student and maintained by the school or local education agency, including records encompassing all the material kept in the student's cumulative folder such as general identifying data and health data.


In the event that official education records cannot be released to the parents for the purpose of transfer, the custodian of the records in the sending state shall prepare and furnish to the parent a complete set of unofficial educational records containing uniform information as determined by the Interstate Commission to the extent feasible. Upon receipt of the unofficial education records by a school in the receiving state, the school shall enroll and appropriately place the student based on the information provided in the unofficial records pending validation by the official records, as quickly as possible.


Simultaneous with the enrollment and conditional placement of the student, the school in the receiving state shall request the student's official education record from the school in the sending state. Upon receipt of this request, the school in the sending state will process and furnish the official education records to the school in the receiving state within ten (10) days or within such time as is reasonably determined under the rules promulgated by the Interstate Commission to the extent practicable in each case.

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The Interstate Commission shall collect standardized data concerning the educational transition of the children of military families under this compact as directed through its rules which shall specify the data to be collected, the means of collection and data exchange and reporting requirements. Such methods of data collection, exchange and reporting shall, conform to current technology and coordinate its information functions with the appropriate custodian of records as identified in the bylaws and rules.


Mandated reports required by law, and child abuse or neglect investigative reports filed with the Department of Justice, shall be confidential and may be disclosed only to certain persons or agencies, including: the State Department of Social Services, "hospital scan teams" (i.e. teams of health care professionals and law enforcement and child protective services representatives that seek to identify child abuse or neglect); coroners and medical examiners conducting a post mortem examination of a child; out-of-state law enforcement agencies upon a signed and written request that cites (1) the applicable out-of-state statute or interstate compact provision and (2) the safeguards in place to prevent unlawful disclosure provided by the requesting state or the applicable interstate compact provision; out-of-state agencies responsible for approving prospective foster or adoptive parents for placement of a child, upon request that is (1) in compliance with the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006, (2)

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