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Boards can compel the production of hospital records for investigation purposes.

investigations, boards

A provider of health care or a health care service plan may disclose medical information in the following circumstances: 1) to other healthcare providers to facilitate diagnosis and treatment 2) to find financially liable party and obtain payment 3) to administrative subcontractors 4) quality control organizations (peer review boards, etc.) 5) accrediting agencies 6) coroners 7) \bona fide research purposes\" 8) employer


The DMV shall make any information contained in a physician's certificate supporting a disability of an applicant for disabled person's parking privileges available to a requesting law enforcement agency or agency responsible for the administration and enforcement of parking regulations. Such information shall not be disclosed to private or third-party parking citation processing agencies. Boards established by local authorities may review the requested information. If a finding that the certification is fraudulent or improper is made, the board should send such findings to the DMV for review and investigation.

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