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The minimum standards for the examination and treatment of victims of sexual assault or attempted sexual assault, including child molestation and the collection and preservation of evidence therefrom includes obtaining consent from the victim for the collection of physical evidence. Consent of a minor's parent is not always necessary.


Each qualified health care professional who conducts an examination for evidence of a sexual assault or attempted sexual assault shall use the standard form. The form shall be used to satisfy reporting requirements in Penal 11160, 11161, 11168 and shall be subject to the same principles of confidentiality applicable to other medical records.


The Department of Justice must maintain a comprehensive file of existing information compiled by various state agencies pertaining to persons identified by the Department of Justice as high risk sex offenders. The Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, the State Department of State Hospitals, the Department of Motor Vehicles, law enforcement agencies, and probation departments must provide copies of existing information maintained in their files regarding such persons, upon request of the Department of Justice and shall provide followup information to the Department of Justice as it becomes available, unless otherwise prohibited by federal law. That information includes Facts of Offense Sheets, sex offender registration records, psychological evaluations and psychological hospital reports, and sexually violent predator treatment program reports. The information shall also include records that have been sealed. The Department of Justice High Risk Sex Offender Program will maintain these high risk sex offender files, which will contain a complete physical description and method of operation of the high risk sex offender, and his or her prior criminal record. The Department of Justice also shall prepare a bulletin on each high risk sex offender for distribution to law enforcement agencies.

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