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(j)(10) The Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources in the Department of Conservation shall develop a timely procedure to provide trade secret information in the following circumstances: (A) To an officer or employee of the division, the state, local governments, local air districts, or the United States, in connection with the official duties of that officer or employee, to a health professional under any law for the protection of health, or to contractors with the division or other government entities and their employees if, in the opinion of the division, disclosure is necessary and required for the satisfactory performance of a contract, for performance of work, or to protect health and safety. (B) To a health professional in the event of an emergency or to diagnose or treat a patient. (C) In order to protect public health, to any health professional, toxicologist, or epidemiologist who is employed in the field of public health and who provides a written statement of need. The written statement of need shall include the public health purposes of the disclosure and shall explain the reason the disclosure of the specific chemical and its concentration is required. (D) A health professional may share trade secret information about well stimulation treatments with other persons as may be professionally necessary, in order to diagnose or treat a patient, including, but not limited to, the patient and other health professionals, subject to state and federal laws restricting disclosure of medical records including the Confidentiality of Medical Information Act.

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