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Each agency that collects personal information shall provide the following notice: the name of the agency/division requesting the information; the contact information of the agency official responsible for the system of records and who shall, upon request, inform an individual regarding the location of his or her records and the categories of any persons who use the information in those records; the legal authority for the maintenance of the information; whether submission of such information is mandatory or voluntary; the consequences of not providing all or any part of the requested information; the purpose for which the information will be used; any known or foreseeable disclosures which may be made of the information; the individual's right of access to records containing personal information which are maintained by the agency.


Information which is permitted to be disclosed under the provisions of subdivision (e), (f), or (o), of Section 1798.24 [i.e. for judicial purposes] shall be provided when requested by a district attorney.

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