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An optometrist may practice optometry in any health facility or residential facility provided that certain conditions are met, including: (1) the optometrist has a primary business office (separate from the facility) that is available by telephone during normal business hours for access to patient records; (2) the optometrist complies with all state and federal laws regulations regarding maintenance and protection of health records; (3) records are maintained so that the type and extent of services provided to patients are conspicuously disclosed; (4) the records are disclosed to patients at or near the time of services rendered and are maintained in a designated office; (5) information about prescriptions issued to a patient are included in the patient's chart; (6) a copy of any referral or order requesting optometric services for a patient from the health facility's or residential care facility's administrator, director of social services, the attending physician and surgeon, the patient, or a family member shall be kept in the patient's medical record; and (7) the optometrist keeps all necessary records for a minimum of seven years from the date of service in order to disclose fully the extent of services furnished to a patient.

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