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A person authorized to file a petition for the appointment of a conservator, may file a for the appointment of a limited conservator to consent to the sterilization of a developmentally disabled adult. The petition must allege that the proposed conservatee has a developmental disability and allege the reasons why court-authorized sterilization is necessary.


Prior to a hearing on the issue of sterilization, the court shall request the director of the appropriate regional center for the developmentally disabled to prepare a written report which shall be based upon comprehensive medical, psychological and sociosexual evaluations of the individual and other factors in Probate Code 1958. Additionally, the proposed person shall be examined by at least two physicians/ examiners who will prepare a written report containing all relevant aspects of the person's medical, psychological, family, and sociosexual conditions and other factors specified in Probate Code 1958. The contents of these reports are confidential and after a final judgment the contents will be sealed.

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