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In the case of a conservatorship, a court investigator shall visit the conservatee, conduct an investigation, and report to the court regarding the appropriateness of the conservatorship and whether the conservator is acting in the best interests of the conservatee regarding the conservatee's placement, quality of care (including physical and mental treatment), and finances. Conservatorship review shall occur six months after the initial appointment of the conservator, and then one year after the conservator’s appointment and annually or biennially thereafter.


With regards to a court investigator’s report evaluating a conservatorship, confidential medical information about the conservatee will be sent as a separate attachment to the report to the conservator, attorneys of record for the conservator, conservatee, and the court. The confidential medical information will not be included in the copies of the report sent to the conservatee's spouse or registered domestic partner, and the conservatee's relatives.

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