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Petitioners for conservatorship appointment must provide supplemental information regarding: the proposed conservatee's inability to provide for his physical health, food, clothing and shelter needs; the location for proposed conservatee residency; alternatives to conservatorship and why they are unavailable; health and social services provided to the proposed conservatee for the previous year; and the proposed conservatee's inability to handle his finances. Supplemental information shall be confidential and provided on a form separate from the actual petition. Supplemental information shall only be available to those who have appeared in the proceedings, their attorneys and the court. The court has the discretion to release supplemental information if it serves the interests of the proposed conservatee.


If the proposed conservatee is an allegedly developmentally disabled adult, the petition must include the nature and degree of the alleged disability and whether the proposed limited conservatee is or is alleged to be developmentally disabled.


In any proceeding to establish a limited or general conservatorship for a person with developmental disabilities, a proposed limited conservatee with his or her consent shall be assessed at a regional center pursuant to Welf. & Inst. Code 4620, who will submit a written report of findings and recommendations to the court. A copy of the report shall be mailed to the proposed limited conservatee and his or her attorney, other persons as the court orders. The report is confidential and shall not be made available to other parties, unless with the court's discretion.

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