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(1) Any person who negligently discloses the content of any confidential health record to a third party without written authorization or as otherwise authorized by law shall be subject to a civil penalty of $5,000. (2) Any person who willfully or maliciously discloses the confidential health record shall be subject to a civil penalty of not less than $5,000 and not more than $25,000. (3) If the disclosure results in economic, bodily, or psychological harm to the person, the discloser is guilty of a misdemeanor, and subject to imprisonment of up to one year or a fine not to exceed $25,000. (4) The discloser will also be liable to the person whose record was disclosed for all the actual damages that are a proximate result of the act. (5) Each violation is a separate and actionable offense. All fines and damages are payable to the person whose records was disclosed.

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