Civil Code 56.10(c) (2000; amended by AB 952, 2009)


A provider of health care or a health care service plan may disclose medical information in the following circumstances: 1) to other healthcare providers to facilitate diagnosis and treatment 2) to find financially liable party and obtain payment 3) to administrative subcontractors 4) quality control organizations (peer review boards, etc.) 5) accrediting agencies 6) coroners 7) \bona fide research purposes\" 8) employer

Data Origin: 
or support organization 12) for conservatorship
Parties Bound: 
guardianship proceedings 13) By organ donation organizations
California Penalty: 
to assist in a transplant 14) When authorized by law 15) to disaster relief agencies
Pre Emption: 
Other Relevant California Code Sections:
under limited circumstances and when information was created under an employment-related health services plan 9) to insurers/sponsors
Subject Conferred Legal Right of Action: 
for responding to disaster welfare inquiries 16) to a 3rd party for encrypting/anonymizing data 17) for disease management programs 18"
Associated Federal Law(s):  
Uses and disclosures for which an authorization or opportunity to agree or object is not required
Uses and disclosures to carry out treatment, payment, or health care operations Permitted uses and disclosures
Uses and disclosures of protected health information: general rules disclosures to business associates